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The competitions

We are members of the French Federation of Sled Sports (FFST), and participate in annual gatherings and competitions.


Our goals

Above all, have fun!

And share a moment of effort, on tracks prepared for us by others, and enjoy an intense moment with some of our dogs who appreciate speed (which is not the case for all of them!).

Performance has no meaning for us if the pleasure is not mutual with the dogs. As a result, we adapt our ambitions according to the age of our dogs, the environment in which the competition takes place,  


Our main results


2022-2023 season?

  • 5th at the world championships (Mid-distance unlimited) in 2019 in Bessans

  • 2nd at the Eukanuba Trophy of the Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont-Blanc in 2020

  • 2nd and 3rd at the Lekkarod Andreas Kraft Trophy in 2022

  • 3rd in the French FFST mid-distance championship 6 dogs in 2022

  • Vercors Quest

  • Prepare 2 handi-dog teams for the 2023 lekkarod

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